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Lanolina i pochodne

Woolwax alcoholes, pharma grade

Woolwax alcoholes, cosmetic grade

Woolwaxalcoholes, cosmetic

Centrifuge woolgrease

Bright technical Lanolin

Technical Lanolin, pale

Wool Fat Ph. Eur., premium

Wool Fat Ph. Eur., standard, non-BHT

Wool Fat Ph. Eur., Standard

Wool Fat Ph. Eur./JP, premium

Wool Fat Ph. Eur., Standard

Acetylated Lanolin

PPG-12-PEG-50 Lanolin

Lanolin Oil, pale

Hydrogenated Lanolin

Isopropyl Lanolate

Octyldodecyl Ester

Odorless pharmaceutical Woolwax, Gardner 5!

Lanolin wax (de-oiled)

Ethoxilated Lanolin, in flakes

Ethoxylated Lanolin

Pentaerythritol Ester

Lanolin Fatty Acids - Lanolin Alcohol Ester

Woolgrease Ester

Lanolinamide DEA

Lanolin DAB

Lanolinum DAB

Lanolin Fatty Acids, bleached & odorless

Lanolin Fatty Acids, not destilled

microencapsulated Lanolin

Rohwollfett ffa. 12-18 %

Ointment base

Woolwax alcoholes, cosmetic grade



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